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Each of the sessions are broken up into four parts, design for progressive learning and retention:

Class 1 of 4: How fulfilling and prosperous is your career compared to the promise of John 10:10? How interesting and dynamic are your growth plans? How often do you experience tension with colleagues? How many times do you try to make a change only to see it fall short? Class 1 of 4 covers the Foundation of Christian Coaching: How it Works and Why it Works. We discuss how to align God's plan with your purpose and establish the foundations of righteous career ambition and success. Get ready for a paradigm shift!  

Class 2 of 4: Sometimes in life, we just feel stuck and cannot see a way out, like the woman with the 12-year condition in Luke 8 or the man waiting at the pool for 38 years in John 5. Class 2 of 4 will show you How to Coach Yourself to a Breakthrough. You will gain powerful and effective techniques, easy to use and able to change your perspective in the moment, every time. You can immediately adopt a Christ-like mindset in every situation, for the rest of your life. And this will quickly open up all new opportunities for your career because companies want to promote those who are stable, confident and completely engaged.      

Class 3 of 4: How often do you feel stressed at work? How effectively do you manage it? How often do others see or experience the consequences of your stress? That can all change! In Class 3 of 4 you will discover life-transforming Techniques to Manage Stress - which will quickly open up new avenues for promotion and growth - PLUS - Attendees Choice: Situations You Experience In Your Career Today. From a Class 2 Survey we will discuss What's Happening in Your Career Today so you can get executive coaching that specifically applies to you right now! Some example topics include:  

  1. Negotiating a salary increase
  2. How to work with caustic people
  3. Executive presence
  4. Goal setting and attainment
  5. Decision making tools and steps
  6. How to leave a job
  7. Hiring and firing
  8. and much, much more 

Class 4 of 4: What is your career growth plan? What are you doing specifically to advance your career and increase your annual earnings potential? If you are not certain, or don't know where to get started, prepare for your mind to be blown. In Class 4 of 4 you will learn the Three Key Factors for Career Success. We do an indepth review of P.I.E. - Performance - Image - Exposure, the three pivotal forces to explode your career. You will walk away knowing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely steps you can take the very next day at work to accelerate career growth.
December Session 1
  • Class 1: 12/1/16 Thurs, 2pm EDT
  • Class 2: 12/8/16 Thurs, 2pm EDT
  • Class 3: 12/15/16 Thurs, 2pm EDT
  • Class 4: 12/22/16 Thurs, 2pm EDT
December Session 2
  • Class 1: 12/1/16 Thurs, 7pm EDT
  • Class 2: 12/8/16 Thurs, 7pm EDT
  • Class 3: 12/15/16 Thurs, 7pm EDT
  • Class 4: 12/22/16 Thurs, 7pm EDT
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